Fruver, founded on March 17, 1994, in Hermosillo, Sonora state in Northwest Mexico, started by selling locally produced fresh fruits and vegetables to 11 Mexican super market chains.

The group’s first expansion occurred in July, 2000, when Fruver Importaciones was founded. Its mission is to procure and market produce from the United States, Chile, Canada and Argentina to our national customers.

In May, 2004, rapid growth in through-put volume necessitated consolidation of the group. FrigoFruver was founded  to manage our national and imported products so to redistribute just-in-time loads to our clients across several cities of the country. In addition to a pre-cooler, the facilities have three cold rooms with the proper temperature and humidity settings so we can store a full range of products. Our total capacity has grown to 40 truck-loads.

In December, 2004, our sister company Exportadora San Alberto was formed in Santiago, Chile, and functions as a true ground-broker. We have a full quality assurance team that oversees fruit condition for the extended transit times that are part of exports from Chile. Our logistics department manages export documentation and coordination with the shipping companies. Our business is management of supermarket programs based on supply assurance. Our suppliers include Dole, Greenvic, Rio Blanco, Frusan, Copefrut and Tuniche in Chile as well as Standard Fruit and Patagonia in Argentina. In 2011, Exportadora San Alberto was the largest marketer of apples and pears to North America.

In April, 2006, we established our presence in Zacatecas state. We formed a partnership with Agrícola Zacson that allows us to maintain year round supply of carrots, broccoli, lettuce, celery, cauliflower and cabbage.

In September, 2006, FruverPack was formed. This subsidiary is responsible for the selection and packing of the regional apple crop in Chihuahua. As one of the largest apple importers in Mexico, we made a strategic decision to purchase a packing facility so that we would become a year round apple supplier to chain store customers. Our packing capacity is 150 truck-loads per month.

We formed ProduceMex (Fruverexport Internacional, S.A. de C.V.) in September, 2011. Our goal at the company is to provide our local vendor-partners and our US and Canadian supermarket clients an alternative to the trading companies operating along the US border. Through logistical excellence and ProduceMex’s farming partners, we will create a direct line of business between our North American buyers and our local producer partners, alleviating the uncertainty that comes with business that ends and begins with intermediaries at the border. We will be able to anticipate delivered product prices for customers 10 days before loading. For the first time, our supermarket clients will be able to purchase Mexican vegetables with both supply assurance, consistent quality and forward pricing.

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